Groovy In Action, 2nd Edition

A well written introduction to the Groovy language.

Groovy In Action, 2nd Edition

Dierk König and Paul King with Guillaume Laforge, Hamlet D’Arcy, Cédric Champeau, Erik Pragt, and Jon Skeet.

Published by Manning, 2015.

The book consists of 3 parts and several appendices.

1) The Groovy language

2) Around the Groovy library

3) Applied Groovy

Appendices A-I.

The first part introduces language topics such as simple datatypes, collections, closures, control structures, Object Orientation, Dynamic programming, compile-time metaprogramming, AST Transformations and the newer static language features.

Part 2 talks about Builders, the GDK, databases, XML, JSON, Web Services and integration of Groovy with other JVM languages.

Part 3 introduces unit testing with the Spock framework, concurrent programming with the GPars library, Domain Specific Languages and the Groovy eco-system. I like the chapter on DSL’s in particular – very inspiring stuff indeed.

Appendices have overview and details on a.o. installation, API’s, cheat sheets and much else.

This is a well written exposition, brimming with enthusiasm for the topic. Highly recommended for anyone looking to include Groovy in their toolbox.