CSS – The Definitive Guide, 4th Edition

A practical guide to a complex topic. 

By Eric Meyer and Estella Weyl.

O’Reilly, 2017.

The book has 20 chapters.

Topics covered: Elements of CSS, selectors, specificity of rules, the cascade, values and units, fonts, text properties, display rules, the box model, colors, backgrounds, gradients, floating and shapes, positioning, FlexBox, Grid Layout, Table Layout, lists and generated content, transforms, transitions, animations, filters – blending – clipping – masking, and media dependent styling.

Given that CSS is a complex topic, and it is impossible to cover everything in details, the authors try to cover the browser-relevant parts. My only complaints are that the presentation at times is somewhat boring (elementary calculations are in certain places needlessly explicitly written out) and repetitive, and in  some passages there are too many typos.